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Sep 9, 2020

We continue with a micro-series, where we talk about alternative learning methods. In the first episode of this micro-series our guest is Dmitry Krotov, Researcher at MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab and IBM Research in Cambridge. Among many things, we will talk about an unusual learning rule, which has a degree of biological plausibility.

Find Dmitry on Linkedin:

Paper: Unsupervised Learning by Competing Hidden Units

Paper: Local Unsupervised Learning for Image Analysis:

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About the host: Miklos Toth is a Machine Learning enthusiast who is also teaching Machine Learning and Deep Learning at international companies, working on various ML projects as an engineer.

About the co-host: Levente Szabados is a Deep tech leader, consultant, and manager with a special interest in artificial intelligence, cognitive sciences, data science, and deep learning. He is teaching various ML courses at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

About the podcast: The podcast was created to serve the technical community with details of ML algorithms, use-cases. The episodes are recorded in Budapest, Hungary, Europe.

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